Wild August

A household with two people suffering a neurological brain disorder.  I had witnessed much …  I came to realize we have to  rethink our attitudes toward illness and old age.  Above all, we have to stop the cruel practice of isolation.

Tired.   Not a  minute free of troubles.  I could not bring forth anything.  I am sorry.

The forces of nature went wild.  Summer and fall in one day.   Shelly´s body  upset by this lack of order.  The chest mucus  acting  out - thick from the heat, runny from the cold.  Doctors listened to his lungs day and night.

Even the machines became sensitive. My computer crashed.  And then big technical problems with my website.

There is a Russian saying.   To get through life is not like crossing a field.   No kidding.

Since yesterday things are starting to look up. Shelly´s fever and pulse are coming down.  Sunil, a talented  web designer in India,  is fixing  everything that went wrong. And it appears september is behaving.

Thank you all.  Anna

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