Thank You All

A household with two people suffering a neurological brain disorder… I have witnessed much.  I soon realized we have to rethink  our attitudes toward illness and old age.  Above all,  we have to stop the cruel practice of isolation. 

 I have been receiving your wonderful comments.   They are very important to me and I value every one.  Occasionally – rarely – a comment may get lost because of internet trouble.  I  feel very bad then.

I find  your comments  incredibly supporting.  Thank you.    I am  sorry I cannot  answer you  individually.  There is simply no time.

The only time I can write is in the morning  when I have some help.   And even then it is not easy.  There are errands to run,  important phone calls to take care of.  Also  if we had a bad night I try to sleep a bit.

As I´m writing this Shelly´s second meal is  finishing.  I can already hear the mucus coming up.  This happens at the end of each feeding.   The mucus has to be pulled out right away.

I hope to get some more help in the future.  It would be nice to have a little more free time.  Love to all of you,  Anna


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