Moving Complications or The Things You Never Think Of

A household with two people suffering a neurological brain disorder… I have witnessed much.  I soon realized we have to rethink our attitudes toward illness and old age.  Above all – we have to stop the cruel practice of isolation.

I  still have not been able to blog.  I am sorry.   Shelly has been with a respiratory infection  due to dust.  Today –  finally – the fever has come down.   So not to worry.  He is recovering quickly.

I tried to keep things clean during the move.    The new apartment was spotless.  And most importantly –  dust free.  But that was not enough.   Carton boxes apparently carry bacteria.  Also  the movement of people with moving equipment, dirty shoes,  covering cloths are all a risk.

Now in our new nest  all the bookcases  full of  books are covered with sheets .  The sheets have to be washed at least once a month.  Objects , including  framed  photos, sculptures are removed and stored.  Whatever is left is  dusted daily with a damp cloth.   It is  impossible to create a sterile environment at home but extra effort is necessary for  even  basic cleanliness.

The new blog is on the way.  Thank you all.  Anna

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  1. Hilda Wajnberg

    Ania, you are going through so much…we feel for you as you are both dealing with many struggles…so sorry… but glad you were able to get it all done since that was what you needed to do. You are always in our thoughts and prayers that you both will be well and will return to some better quality of life. G-D bless you in this time as we can only think of how hard it is and what you are going through. Take care and we look forward to hearing more. Wish you lived closer to us where we could be of some relief to you….across the pond is way to far….Love, us

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