A household with two people suffering a neurological brain disorder… I have witnessed  much.  I realized soon we have to rethink our attitudes toward illness and old age.  Above all- we have to stop the cruel practice of isolation.

I have not written because of the summer heat.  More things to take care of now.   Shelly is more tired, sweating,  losing water.  The mucus turns more thick.  The blood oxygen keeps dropping.

And now something  even hotter.  The august heat.

I manage ok.  Just  more tired from that  heat.

Doctors say  to stay away from air conditioning, bad for breathing.  It is also drying.  And the bacteria can cause infections.

On the bright side august brings more quiet. People are away.  The quiet is everywhere.  On the street, inside our building.  Inside our flat.  It´s an attractive  kind of quiet.  Peaceful and deep.


The new blog is coming.  Thank you all for your patience.  Anna

Tip of the day

A homemade electrolyte drink.  Our friend Gloria gave us the idea and the recipe.  It´s  also on the internet.  You need Himalayan pink  crystal salt, the cleanest substance on the planet.  Take a handful of this salt and  dissolve  it in  1 liter or 1 quart of water. It may take  hours.  If there is  salt still  left at the bottom you will have  a 26 % solution.  Perfect.  You take 1 teaspoon of this brine  - they call it brine – and drink it in a glass of water.   First thing in the morning.  It does not seem to raise blood pressure.

Himalayan salt may be a little expensive.  But this solution will last a long time.  In the end much, much cheaper than something  from  a  store.  And it is so good for you.  80+ minerals and elements !

Next time I will post a hospital recipe for an electrolyte drink.

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